The accidental potential av serinyà

TEXt: SerinyÀ , publicerat 2017-01-13

Ok, it’s happened. The files don’t open properly. The preview only shows colors and shapes. It looks nothing like the photos I was expecting. Something has gone wrong, in a process that is designed to be fool proof.

Time to delete the disaster. Hopefully, this will also erase the shame of a mistake. But instead, I stop myself. I look at the images, contemplate what I see. And I decide to keep them.

So what did I see? I saw their hidden reality. They were just data. Data that could be edited, copied, duplicated, erased, studied, compared, manipulated, transmitted...

The glitch, a simple explanation that is frequently used to describe such a complex and heterodox phenomenon, became the opportunity to advance deeper in the analysis of what is photography.

As Joan Fontcuberta explains “We look through a window and believe that we are experiencing the world directly but then the glass is broken, and we realize that there was something mediating it.”

This broken glass, these glitched images, acting as a post photography Vaccination, have the potential to bring the necessary level of consciousness or immunization to help both artists and public to navigate positively and further beyond the actual post-photography tsunami.

- Serinyà, Stockholm 2017


Himmel und Wolken, 2013, 107x143cm, Samtliga verk: Archival pigment inkjet prints, framed.

Installationsbild: CFF - Centrum för fotografi, 2014.

Titel från vänster: Geschütteltes Nashorn, 2013, 80x107cm, Sonne und Fenster 2013, 80x107cm, Dichtung hinter Glas, 2013, 53x70cm, Ich sehe keine Affen, 2013, 53x70cm.